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Rapid Tooling

To complete the preindustrialization service for any industrial product, a small number of  parts with the  projected material and technology, perhaps assembled with other plastic or metal components, is often required to test  the final production process. To do that, Provel has acquired by the time several technologies to produce rapid tools for plastic and metal parts.

To build such moulds we normally use C.N. high speed milling of aluminum, , bronze, brass or soft steel. Sometime we use also low melting point alloys, metal-mineral concrete, steel or brass laser sintered inserts or Kervel (ceramic filled stereolithography) inserts.


The production of the relevant parts is immediately carried out with our injection moulding machines except for large size parts which are produced by near, selected companies.
Our technology is also very suitable to produce not only
plastic prototypes, but also definitive low-run moulds and parts.