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Investment Casting Prototypes


Provel offers customers its investment casting parts in ferrous alloys ( steel, cast iron, super alloys etc.) and non ferrous alloys (aluminium alloys, zinc alloys etc.).

The two main technologies used for the metal parts casting process are:

- Encapsulating under vacuum the sacrificial models into ceramic block then burning them out to get the cavity which is then filled with metal, either under vacuum or pressure. This method is used for low melting point alloys such as aluminium or zinc alloys.

- Standard investment casting method for high melting point alloys.

Further mechanical or aesthetic treatment is possible if required.



Provel produces, for itself and for customer foundries, all size sacrificial models for investment casting. It is possible to use two different technologies:

- Polystyrene sacrificial models (Styrvel), produced with our sintering machines then properly finished.

- Wax sacrificial models, through casting liquid and hot wax with a special vacuum casting system into silicone moulds obtained from stereolithography model (Hardvel).

This last technology is preferred when the parts to be produced are large quantities or need a good aesthetic finish.

On request, we can supply the “Quick Cast” or "Skin and core” stereolithography models.