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Product Preindustrialization

All manufacturers know that the financial investment and exposure for a project belongs mostly to the value of the project itself, but also to the time from the start of the drawings till the beginning of the production and to the number of correcting interventions along this time. It’s then essential that this time is as short as possible and the correcting intervention are made on the initial “low-cost” phases.

This is the so called “Product Preindustrialization” that Provel offers since many years with large success to its Customers.

The first requirement for a designer is the aesthetic and functional verification of his project. Provel uses  the following technologies to reduce dramatically time and cost of this job:


SLS Prototypes


When this first phase is positively concluded, the industrializazion of the product could be possible, but to avoid expensive mistakes and delays, the second preindustrialization time consisting in a process verification with temporary rapid tooling and definitive thermoplastic materials injected  with standard  equipment is recommended.  After this check, the definitive tool can be produced.

Rapid Tooling

Milled Prototypes


For metal parts to be produced with die-casting technology, a functional and structural check is possible, producing some investment casting parts before to project and build the definitive tooling.

Investment Casting Prototypes


The various above mentioned development phases must be obviously supported by updated  machinery and software to check and modify CAD drawing, make reverse engineering and accuracy certification of any new prototype, enabling the registration of the mathematical data from the designed to the projected object.