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Selective Laser Sintering

Prototypes produced with a layer additive rapid-prototyping process based on the use of a selective laser sintering system wich solidifies at right temperature special thermoplastic powders.
With our 3 large size and high productivity
laser sintering machines
, we offer our customer quick deliveries and large quantity of sintered prototypes.
Parts larger than the size of our machines are divided by software then assembled with a special own-made welding system. All the parts are well finished and, on request, painted.

Provel has selected the following thermoplastic materials to produce sintered parts with specific characteristics for different uses:


Parts or small productions in fine polyamide suitable for even complex assembled systems with good handling and stress resistance


Parts produced with glass filled polyamide, with the same look as Nyvel but with higher flexural modulus

Parts produced with metal and mineral filled polyamide, with high rigidity, stability and very good surface quality

Parts produced with special polystyrene powder, used as sacrificial models for investment casting