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Silicone Moulds

When a Customer asks for small number of prototypes or kits, usually Vacuum-Casting Technology with silicone moulds can be suitable to cut cost and timing.

This technology is essential when the goal is to simulate the prototype in terms of mechanical, functional and aesthetic properties, thanks to the wide range of our Castvel resins . Those resins are able to cover simulations, starting from an elastomer with a hardness of 40° Shore A to a structural product with a flexural modulus of 3.500 MPa and temperature resistance till 140°C.

Usually the patterns to prepare the silicone moulds are our Hardvel stereolithography models which are, on request, verified and validated from the customer before the aesthetic finish. Skilled technicians , in a white chamber, produce from those patterns the relevant silicone moulds, then, working with 4 specific, automatic Vacuum-Casting machines, able to handle moulds with size till 2mx1mx1m, they produce and finish the replica prototypes.